Answering God’s Call: Helping a Family on Mission


When I arrived at home after work on October 10, it was late evening, and I started to catch up on correspondence via Facebook, text message and email. I was reading the prayer of the day on our RighTrak Missional Community text message group when the following text message from Kim Tavernier, whom I’ve never met, popped up:

“Good evening, RighTrak! Please keep the Tavernier family in your prayers. James has been home from work for three weeks due to an injury and needs physical therapy to recover and go back to work. We are strained in every way and anxious over the uncertainty of his injury and pain and when it will heal, and at this point, we are hoping short-term disability will replace the income he’s lost and protect his job. Please lift us up. Thank you!”

While I can read the words she texted clearly now, that night I was reading something different. It went something like this:

“Family needs help. Dad gets hurt. Family in need. Help with bills. Frank help them up.”

I immediately put down my phone and started to pray. I tried to pray for the family, but I couldn’t. I tried to ask for help, but I couldn’t. When I had trouble finishing my prayer, I decided to try to watch TV, but I couldn’t. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I first thought that I couldn’t do anything for this family because I don’t know them, their financial situation, what the patriarch of the family does for a living, or what’s really going on. Then I started praying for me. Not in a selfish way, but I asked God, “What can I do?” And that’s when God spoke to me. Many things from my past—the good, the bad and the ugly—all entered my mind simultaneously. It came so quickly, I can’t remember it all.

In the past, I have been down, literally. Due to an injury, I was not able to move for a month nor walk for three months. I had no income, no insurance and no food. But I had bills to pay and existing commitments, neither of which I knew how I was going to fulfill. I talked with two of my dear Rotarian friends about my situation, and they ended up hosting a garage sale for me. As I witnessed this act of kindness from a wheelchair, we raised more than $1,200 in five hours—what a blessing!

So back to the situation with the Taverniers, I knew two things: First, whatever I was going to do had to be big, i.e. more than $1,000. Second, I knew I could not do it on my own. I didn’t know anything about this family—why the injury, if they had any kids, what their bills were, or what they really needed. But I still couldn’t stop thinking and crying as I am right now.

Even after talking to David LeFevre, who leads RighTrak and with whom I served on the first table, all I kept hearing was “It’s all you.” Everything kept coming back to me. For days, it felt like all I was doing was talking to myself, even when I was speaking with friends and guests at the restaurant where I work. I needed to do something. I suggested a garage sale for this family in need, but there was no place to host it and a lack of donations and volunteers with less than a week’s notice. God stopped the garage sale for a reason and pointed me to the first option I considered, the Rotarians. I kept hearing “You start this, and I will do the rest.” I didn’t know it at the time, but it was God’s guidance. He said, “Tell the men, then leave it in my hands.”

Why not tell the Rotarians? Why am I a Rotarian? Why am I among these people? It’s what He has been planning for me. Everything became so clear as to what to do next, and the yeses started flowing. I shared my plan with David, and he said yes. So did the West U Rotary Club’s president. So tell the men and women of West U Rotary, I did.

Because I followed what God instructed me to do, His blessings poured out on the Taverniers, as He worked in the lives of many Rotarians, RighTrakers and members of the Cross Community Church, where the Taverniers are members. David posted this Help a Family on Mission page on the updated RighTrak website—I don’t think it was a coindience that he just launched the new RighTrak website with the capability to raise money for multiple causes. It was God’s perfect timing. David and I announced it at our Rotary club meeting the following Thursday, six days after Kim’s text message requesting prayer. As a result, God worked in the lives of many to raise nearly $1,500 to help the Tavernier family.

I still haven’t met the Tavernier family or know the whole situation, but I’m doing what God told me to do and am watching Him take care of the rest. It’s as amazing as anything I have ever seen or felt. I anticipate that I will meet the family sometime soon, and we will cry together. And maybe then, He may let me finish the prayer I started the evening of October 10.

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  • Kim Tavernier |

    Frank’s answer to God’s moving him has been a tremendous help to our family. We can’t say enough how grateful to him, RighTrak, and Jesus for meeting our needs during this time and being the reminder that God loves us and does not forget His children.